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Big news today about a possible “secret” David Lynch movie heading to Cannes. It was mentioned in a Variety preview of the French fest.

But last week, on April 7th, Jordan Ruimy’s World of Reel told us all about “Wisteria,” the David Lynch movie with Naomi Watts and Laura Dern.

Ruimy pointed back to a Reddit post from two years ago. It’s possible “Wisteria” is the 13 part “Unrecorded Night” that was going to be a series from Netflix but may be a film stitched together of 13 small chapters.

That would make sense, if anything makes sense because the last time we saw Lynch it was the “Twin Peaks” reboot which was largely incoherent. (Except for episode 8, which was something beyond.)

So we’ll see when Cannes makes its announcement what Lynch has in mind. Not to be a buzz kill, but I’ll bet this is more like “Inland Empire” than “Blue Velvet.”


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