Home business Box Office: “Hedgehog” Breaks Sound Barrier with $71 Mil, Bay’s “Ambulance” Screeches...

Who saw this coming?

The “Sonic the Hedgehog” sequel was a blockbuster that no one predicted. The animaed film broke the sound barrier. Three day total was a whopping $71 million. The original only did $58 mil on its opening weekend. What’s going on? Parents are dying for someplace to take kids. They went to the movie theaters. Paramount scored a huge winner.

“Sonic” has now made more money than Paramount’s “Lost City” in one week, compared to the latter’s three weeks. “Lost City” started strong but has petered out to $68 mil. This weekend was $9 million. Next weekend should be half of that, and so on down the line. “Lost City” will have to find some fans internationally although so far the release hasn’t really launched.

And “Ambulance”? The $50 million misfire is looking at $8.7 million tops, maybe less, took fourth place after “Lost City.” For Michael Bay, the “Transformers” director and producer of commercial hits, this wasn’t his brightest moment.  As I noted yesterday, it’s an all time low for Michael Bay, champ of the meaningless blockbusters.


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