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Say goodbye to “Dancing with the Stars.”

ABC is sending the long running series to Disney Plus for two seasons beginning this fall. The older viewers who watch it will never be able to find it, and we’ll never know if they do.

In its place comes football, football, football. ABC will show more NFL football games, especially from ESPN, and they have a plan for some kind of NFL Football competition game. Maybe the players will dance in the off season!

The jettisoning of “Dancing with the Stars” shouldn’t come as a surprise. The network dumped popular host Tom Bergeron a couple of years ago. They replaced him with Tyra Banks. And the whole enterprise collapsed. Without Bergeron and Erin Andrews, “DWTS” lost its sense of community to its niche followers.

Good luck to these streaming shows. Older viewers simply don’t engage with Roku or Apple TV or Amazon Prime the way they do regular TV. For most it’s another remote control to think about. And there are no ratings reported for streaming. So now all of these things depend on subscriptions. Just ask Judge Judy. Her IMDB Channel show is a mystery to her syndication fans who are still watching 10 and 20 year old reruns rather than figure out Smart TV.

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