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I am so sorry for all these performers testing positive for COVID.

Last night, Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa couldn’t make Clive Davis’s 90th because they said they were in “quarantine.” I hear that Patti, one of my favorite all time rockers, tested positive, which means Bruce is next, and no one is leaving that house until all they feel better! Get a nice warm blanket and Cover Me!

On Broadway, Sarah Jessica Parker, of course, tested positive after Matthew Broderick did earlier this week. So “Plaza Suite” goes on hold until further notice.

Across the pond, Sting has had to reschedule many shows because he tested positive. He’s waiting to resume performances as soon his tests are good.

Still on pause is “Macbeth” with Daniel Craig and Ruth Negga. They won’t return until Monday, April 11th.

Last night at Clive’s birthday everyone had to show proof of vaccination. But a few of our favorite people couldn’t make it because they also tested positive. Sending get well wishes to all. Wear your masks! Get the boosters!


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