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COVID is still everywhere. Especially in showbiz.

On Monday morning, Matthew Broderick appeared on “Live with Kelly & Ryan” to promote his Broadway show, “Plaza Suite.” His co-star is his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker. It was a sweet interview. But Matthew was very busy suppressing what looked like a cough and a sneeze.

Later in the day, “Plaza Suite” announced that Broderick had tested positive twice for COVID that day. He is out of “Plaza Suite” indefinitely. SJP tested negative. But holy moley. this is not good. A-they live together. B-Kelly & Ryan et al have been exposed.

And poor Matthew. There’s no word on when he’s coming back. Someone said April 15th but that seems impossible. The show will go on without him, but we want to see these guys on stage together! Broderick might like that too. And the producers — “Plaza Suite” is sold out, baby. Every ticket. So, Matthew, get rest and hot tea!

Meantime, Daniel Craig is still laid up with COVID. “Macbeth” is dark until Thursday, tomorrow, at least. It’s been closed for several days. I’m sure it’s frustrating. I spoke with a musician who’s currently laid up and all he wants to do is get back to work. But audiences are understanding by now. Health comes first.

Still, people are not wearing masks, especially in crowded rooms. This BA.2 thing is poking around. Don’t be foolish!


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