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So you can forget going to the Emmy Awards and the Toronto Film Festival this September, kids.

The Emmys and NBC have pulled a fast one and moved the show up a week, and put it on a Monday.

The Television Academy just announced the show will air Monday September 12th. Ordinarily it would have been on Sunday, September 18th.

There will also be two prior ceremonies for Creative Arts awards, and a special broadcast of those not on Peacock but on FXX, which isn’t owned by NBC Universal but by Fox or maybe Disney. Who knows at this point? I have no idea where you find FXX.

And so that kills it if, like yours truly, you were hoping to attend both events. We’re crossing our fingers for a normal Toronto Film Festival in person. Monday night is usually a big night up there for a premiering film. Who knows? Maybe by September we’ll have avatars or virtual something so we can be in two places at once. In all likelihood, however, we’ll be watching the Emmys from the Great North.

PS HBO is going to have its hands full with “The Gilded Age” and “Euphoria.” Netflix has “Ozark” and “Bridgerton” and a bunch of other shows. Showtime has “Billions” and “Yellowjackets.” Amazon has “Mrs. Maisel.” And CBS will be going hard for “Ghosts,” the break out comedy.

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