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Just to let you know, Harry Styles as a monster hit on his hands. “As It Was,” released last Thursday evening, is booming bigger even than Adele did last November.

“As It Was” already has 60 million streams on Spotify and 40 million views on You Tube. It’s, as they say, massive.

This is all in anticipation of “Harry’s House,” the album coming May 20th.

“As It Was” is a great song for a pop idol with tabloid followers. The fans think it’s about Harry and Olivia Wilde, his public girlfriend and ex of Ted Lasso, aka Jason Sudeikis.

Also, the track — modeled on AHa’s “Take on Me” — begins with a child saying, “Harry, we want to say good night to you.” Is that a Sudeikis-Wilde progeny?

Harry Styles may be the last real pop star, after Justins Timberlake and Bieber. His career has been cultivated and curated with an old fashioned sensibility. And on top of that, he’s a nice guy, which helps a lot.

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