Home Television Good News: “SNL” Bounces Back with Jerrod Carmichael, Gunna Episode, Increases Audience

You never know how things will play out.

This weekend’s “SNL” with Jerrod Carmichael and Gunna was a hit. The show drew 4.6 million viewers, up nicely from the last two installments at 4.4 and 4.3 million.

The numbers are still way down from a year ago at this time, by a million viewers. But that’s the way it goes these days. All numbers are down for everything.

There was a lot of interest in how the show would handle the Will Smith slap. They addressed head it on in several sketches and it worked. The slap, you see, is news we can grasp. It’s not the horrific Ukraine war, or the never ending pandemic. It’s personal, human, and intimate.

This Saturday we get Jake Gyllenhaal and Camilla Cabello. Jake’s “Ambulance,” opens on Friday, so he’s got that to promote. Last night his co-star, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, said on Jimmy Kimmel he’d come along for the ride. So it should be a good show. And Camilla will be a big draw.

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