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When it’s all said and done, Demi Moore is getting her angel wings.

We may have forgotten this, but Demi welcomed ex husband Bruce Willis into her Idaho home for the pandemic lockdown beginning in March 2020.

Bruce was far from his wife, Emma, and two young daughters, who were quarantining in Los Angeles.  This went on for months.

No one could figure it out. But those on the inside knew that Bruce’s wife, Emma, had a lot on her hands with two little girls and no one allowed in the house. Bruce, who was already dealing with major cognitive issues, was too much for her to handle, I was told at the time.

So Demi and the three daughters she shares with Bruce — Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah — were more than happy to host him . They put a lot of pictures and videos on Instagram at the time, including one in which everyone wore matching pajamas.

At one point when COVID eased up briefly, Emma and her two little girls came to visit in Idaho. The press wrote about it as one big happy family, which was true, but it was also because Bruce’s entire family rallied around him. The occasion was Emma’s birthday, in June 2020. But when it was over, Willis stayed behind in Idaho.

It is true that beginning right before the pandemic, Bruce and Emma sold off about $65 million worth of real estate, consolidated their holdings and moved back to Los Angeles from Bedford Hills, New York. We couldn’t say it at the time but it was to get their ‘houses’ in order and make life simpler as Bruce’s condition progressed.

The photos of Bruce’s time in Idaho are all over the internet, and what they showed was a big, extended family taking care of someone who needed the love and attention. It couldn’t have been nicer. There was one picture of all of them sitting at a dining table. The next one was Bruce suddenly jumping on the table, knocking everything off, standing there triumphantly. He was happy, and that’s all that mattered.

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