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Some people don’t know how to dig themselves out of a hole. Or want to.

Ingo Rademacher was fired this winter from ABC’s “General Hospital” for several things including not getting vaccinated. He refused and went on the warpath attacking those who reminded him he was endangering his cast and crewmates, and going against ABC Disney policy.

Now Rademacher, who is Australian, has doubled down on the negative. He’s posted a photo of reviled Los Angeles Sheriff Villanueva, himself the subject of daily attacks by the LA Times. The sheriff was stripped of his responsibility for the vaccine mandate back in February when he refused to enforce it.

Villanueva has plenty of other scandals going on, all chronicled in the LA Times. Last week, CBS News even picked up a story about the sheriff allegedly hiding the fact that in March 2021 a deputy pressed his knee on an inmate’s neck for three minutes despite the inmate being handcuffed.

The actor, posing with the Sheriff, wrote: “Absolute pleasure to meet and have dinner with Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva and his wife last night. Thank you for your service sir. A good man and unafraid”

So you know, this guy will not be welcomed back probably to any of the four soaps. Next week he’s got Putin Zooming in for dinner. (Just kidding.)


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