Home business Much Derided Spider Verse Chapter “Morbius” Checks in with $11.4 Mil Friday,...

“Morbius” lives, sort of.

The much derided Marvel-Sony movie starring (Oscar winner) Jared Leto came in last night with $11.4  million. That brings its total including Thursday previews to $17.1 million. It’s shooting for a $40 mil opening weekend.

“Morbius” has a lowly 17% on Rotten Tomatoes. Few critics or bloggers liked it. Many called it the worst Marvel film ever.

Ah, the highs and the lows. From “Spider Man: No Way Home” to this. From “Black Panther” to this. That’s life!

“Morbius” is an installment of the Spider-Verse but so far more chapters, at least told like this, won’t be happening.

Check in tomorrow.


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