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LOL. This is funnier than anything Chris Rock is saying tonight at the Wilbur Theater in Boston.

Rock came out on stage for his first of several shows where media has lined up like crazy and tickets sold out fast at high prices.

Everyone wants to know what he thought of being punched on Sunday’s Oscars by Will Smith.

This is what he said: “I’m still processing what happened.” That’s the headline. And now I’m indundated with Tweets and messages from every media outlet claiming exclusives. “Chris Rock Speaks!”

How lame.

Earlier today, Jada Pinkett posted one line on Instagram and the same thing happened. She wrote: “This is a season for healing and I’m here for it.”

What kind of bunk is that? Yet, they all picked it up like it was the 11th commandment issued by Moses. Again. “Jada Opens Up.”  I love it when people “open up.” It’s such a stupid expression. It means nothing It’s like “So and so movie starlet stuns on red carpet.” If they really stunned someone, that person would be on the red carpet!

So Jada and now Chris Rock have said about five words each and people all over the world are clicking on “Breaking News.”


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