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The decision to retire Bruce Willis by his family will be a financial blow to the producers who’ve been exploiting him.

Bruce has 7 bad films in the can right now, and two more were planned for him to appear in.

He has two out right now on DVD or whatever, also terrible and embarrassing. But the gravy train comes to an end now.

In each of these movies, Bruce works for a day or two, is fed lines through an earpiece, and makes things worse and worse for himself.

It wasn’t his fault.

These releases began around 2015. But even then, with real movies, directors were covering up for him. In M. Night Shyamalan’s “Glass” from 2019 you can see it: Bruce barely speaks, and is shot often in cameo or silhouette.

For Bruce’s franchise career, “Die Hard” had become an issue, too. His last one, “A Good Day to Die Hard,” in 2013, was a disaster. A planned 5th movie had to be scrubbed because of his condition.

The biggest blow will be to Emmet/Furla Films, and Saban Films, which have been releasing these straight to video debacles. And “releasing” is a kind way of putting it. It’s more like they’re being expelled into the atmosphere like noxious gas.

Now at least Bruce can enjoy himself and his family and not have to worry that he’ll be remembered for making movies in which he plays second fiddle to fourth tier TV stars.


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