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Here’s a plot twist.

Oscar nominated “Belfast” director Kenneth Branagh had been all set to direct the Bee Gees movie with a screenplay by Anthony McCarten.

This information was still listed on the IMDB. In December when I saw him at the Michael Jackson musical opening on Broadway, producer Graham King talked to me about it.

But that was before “Belfast” took off and cemented Branagh as an an Oscar and DGA nominee. Also, he won an Oscar on Sunday for the “Belfast” screenplay.

Now Variety reports that John Carney, who made “Once,” “Begin Again.” and “Sing Street,” has taken over. Something happened. Maybe Branagh wanted more money or didn’t like the finished screenplay. We won’t worry about him, Branagh has plenty of projects. Carney is terrific, although his music movies aren’t as flashy as the Bee Gees. It will be interesting to see how he does it. One thing’s for sure, he knows how to cast a movie. I’ll bet we see Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, who was so good in “Sing Street” and is now in “CODA,” as one of the Gibbs boys.

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