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Shame? Contrition?

Nope, doesn’t exist for Will Smith.

After slapping out Chris Rock on live TV and tossing around profanities, Smith partied like crazy post Oscars.

Armed with his gold statue, Smith went to the Governors Ball and the Vanity Fair party. I would hazard a guess he went on to Jay Z’s party at Chateau Marmont where limos lined Sunset Boulevard at 3 in the morning.

At Vanity Fair, Smith participated in a family portrait which the magazine is using to promote itself on social media. He danced and carried on with impunity.

But this is how we got here in the first place. Smith is insulated from reality and the world around him that he thought he was above them enough to jump up on that stage and hit someone on live TV. Sure, he cried a little bit — he’s a good actor — but he left the Dolby Theater not one bit chastened from what happened.

Some reporters latched onto a ridiculous idea that “P Diddy talked Will and Chris Rock into a truce” or some garbage like that. But what Smith did made turn on a dime violence seem normal and acceptable. You commit an act of violence and are rewarded with a gold statue. It’s no different than Trump saying he could walk down Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and get away with it– and be elected President. Is it?


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