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Poor Vanity Fair.

The ailing celebrity magazine hosted two big advertiser parties this week in Hollywood. One was paid for by Lancome, the other by Bacardi.

The parties yielded few recognizable names. Just Kate Beckinsale, Alana Haim, and Diplo. Amanda Seyfried and Jenna Dewan attended one of them.

WireImage has over 1,000 pictures from the parties and no A listers. A lot of B listers, nice people, but nothing like real Stars.

Will it be any different tonight when Vanity Fair hosts a party after the Academy Awards? The magazine has erected a huge edifice on Santa Monica Boulevard and hopes to pull in a crowd like they did in the old days when Graydon Carter was editor.

But that ship has sailed. Most of the Oscar winners will stop by for a photo op and leave. The people who will stick around will be TV stars. The movie stars will go to Elton John, or to private dinners, or to manager Guy Oseary and Madonna’s party.

Some people will go to Jay Z and Beyonce’s party at Chateau Marmont. But Black Hollywood is protesting that party over recent allegations at the hotel. So that should be a lot of fun.

So stay tuned for the aftermath of Vanity Fair. One celebrity who won’t be there will be Lin Manuel Miranda, whose wife tested positive for COVID. The couple is skipping the Oscars altogether, and will be missed.

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