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On the ground here in Hollywood, living the dream…

Lot of talk about “Top Gun: Maverick,” the long awaited sequel to a movie from the 1980s.

Sources tell me that there is a scene between Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer “that will make you cry,” I was warned. Kilmer has survived throat cancer but cannot speak. Nevertheless, he was included in “Maverick” to replay his character from the original film, “Iceman” aka Lt. Tom Kazansky.

The whole has apparently seen the movie at least a year ago. They’ve since waited and waited for the release thanks to pandemic delays.

I asked about the Lady Gaga theme song that plays in the middle of the movie. In the original “Top Gun,” the big song was “Take My Breath Away,” a record you can’t get away from even now on oldies radio.

Said my spy, a little cryptically: “The song is good, but some of us felt it comes in the wrong place in the movie. By the time it plays, the point it’s supposed to make has already been made.”

Well, I’m up for a Lady Gaga song at any time in the movie, in any movie. So we’ll have to wait and see. “Maverick” will unfurl at the Cannes Film Festival in mid May and open two weeks later in June around the world.

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