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Is it true? Is this best kept secret in Hollywood?

Rumor has it is the name of an Adele song. And rumors about Adele are always rampant. But the one circulating among the cogniscenti Friday night was that the powerhouse best selling singer will make an appearance on the Oscars Sunday night.

First I was told she would sing Van Morrison’s nominated song, “Down to Joy.” Morrison’s negotiations with the Academy fell through he decided to stay on his European tour.

There was also some speculation that Adele would sing one of her own songs for the In Memoriam segment. If she did, a lot of the people featured might come back just to hear her.

The other segment that could fine Adele warbling would be the 60th anniversary tribute to James Bond.

Adele has been pursued by the Grammy Awards to come to Las Vegas for the April 3rd show. But she’s reluctant to shoot her Grammy shot now since the “30” album is eligible for 2023.

Adele last appeared at the Oscars when she sang “Skyfall,” her James Bond theme that went on to win Best Song.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t give you a rumor but this one swirled around Friday night like a cyclone. If it’s not true, or Adele just shows up to present something and doesn’t sing, don’t blame me! But what a ‘get’ that would be for ABC and the Motion Picture Academy — even better than President Zelensky of Ukraine.


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