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HBO finally made the announcement earlier today: “Sex and the City: And Just Like That” will return for a second season — whether we like it or not.

This announcement took a while. It wasn’t made during the Season 1 run or at its end which is usually what HBO does to goose interest in a show while it’s still on the air.

Season 1 had its issues, especially with the death of Mr. Big hovering over Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), the absence of Kim Cattrall, and the death in real life of Willie Garson.

No one knows what the readership was because it was on HBO Max. No numbers were divulged. So it may have been tricky getting it all back together for another run, but “AJLT” has a solid brand, viewers know the characters well, and the show always gets press one way or another. It’s not a surprise it will return.

So far there’s no word on the cast, but the universally unpopular character Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez) is not one anyone wants to see again. Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda was a bitter pill to swallow in these episodes. Contrast that with her work on “The Gilded Age,” where is absolutely delightful and award winning. It would be nice to get some of that back no matter what Miranda’s sexual preference is.

So on to Season 2. Maybe John Corbett will finally be asked back. And Kim Cattrall? Don’t hold your breath.

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