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Don’t believe a word of Kid Rock‘s lyrics.

Bad reputation? He grew up in a mansion, lives in another one, and is all vaxxed and masked.

But his new album, “Bad Reputation,” is designed to capture the redneck, beer-swilling, anti-Biden, Lets-go-Brandon world of illiterate fools.

It’s all a game. He’s a phony. On the album, he kicks off with “Don’t Tell He How to Live.” Right, he’s a rebel. But by the second track, “My Kind of Country,” Bob Ritchie is already back-tracking. His kind of country has Trump and JFK, the NRA and the NAACP. He wants it both ways. Like Trump, he thinks there are good people on all sides.

Really, Bob? He’s just nervous because he’s going on tour with Foreigner this summer. I can’t believe Mick Jones even wants to be in the same room with Ritchie, least of all share a stage. Kid Rock’s new album is digital only right now but when the CD drops it will be from his own website, not Atlantic Records. Ritchie, despite his upbringing, has put himself in the Ted Nugent category of gun-toting right wingers. You have to make your money somehow, so why not follow Trump’s lead and rip off your base?


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