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We took a poll the other day.

The question, on Twitter, was Have you bought Kanye West’s Stem Player with his new album, “Donda 2”? The album is only available on the player.

The answers could be Yes or No.

Of the 68 people who responded, 92.9% answered No. Yes answers were 7.4%.

I think that answers our question in this very informal test. “Donda 2,” if it’s been heard, hasn’t come from the Stem Player.

Kano Computing of London, owned by Alex Klein and his dad, Saul Klein, must have a lot of those little blinking beige objects that resemble Bayer aspirins sitting in a warehouse. Blimey!

“Donda 2” is going to have to be released properly if Kanye ever wants his fans to hear it. Or maybe one day it will be part of a box set costing hundreds of dollars as a collectible.

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