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The Oscars are lining up their music acts for Sunday.

We still don’t have confirmed word about Billie Eilish or the cast of “Encanto,” but they seem like sure bets.

I can tell you my Van Morrison sources confirm that he will not be performing “Down to Joy” from “Belfast.” Since the Academy would let him without a mask or even a vaccination, that is not the issue. Or maybe he doesn’t want to take a COVID test. Van marches to his own, strange drummer.

Who will sing that song? Still up in the air. (They should get Bono. That would be a “get.”)

I have heard that Reba McEntire will sing the Diane Warren written “Somehow You Do.” It’s Warren’s 13th nomination. It would be swell if she won already.

Variety is reporting that Beyonce is possibly performing “Be Alive” from the tennis courts in Compton where Richard Williams started with daughters Serena and Venus. This seems strange, wouldn’t it be better to have her live in the Dolby Theater? Oh well. Beyonce does what she wants, too.

But there will be plenty of music and buzz on Sunday night one way or another.

I’m looking forward to these Oscars. I hope everyone else is, too!

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