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Adele bombed in the Sunday night ratings.

Her “Another Night with Adele,” filmed in London last November, scored just 2 million viewers for NBC between 9 and 11 pm.

“American Idol,” overlapped from 8 to 10pm on ABC, and scored about 5.2 million.

The Adele special was cut badly from the London version with abrupt switches to commercials. It was also used as a wrap around for a night of promotion for a new NBC singing competition with Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg. Some of the latter’s segments seemed longer than Adele’s.

The result was NBC finished in third place behind ABC and CBS.

“60 Minutes” on CBS stole the night with 9.39 million.

Adele turning up on NBC suggests that she didn’t make an overall deal with CBS this winter when her Oprah special aired. But it’s hard to imagine she won’t be featured on the Grammy Awards April 3rd. Her “30” album needs a boost. Last night’s show sent it up to number 2 on iTunes. It had been down around number 30 just prior to that.

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