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We knew this story earlier on Saturday but kept it quiet because it was a health issue.

But now apparently the beans have been spilled: many people who attended the BAFTA Awards in London last Sunday have tested positive for COVID. And it’s one with a lot of symptoms.

“Belfast” director Kenneth Branagh, star Ciaran Hinds, and at least one movie exec have all been felled. Branagh is missing tonight’s PGA Awards in Hollywood because of it.

The news was broken by young Jude Hill, the kid actor from “Belfast.” He let it slip on the red carpet.

Branagh’s sickness was tipped off today when he Zoomed into a PGA lunch panel rather than appear live.

COVID is not over despite people taking off masks and carrying on like it’s the end of the world. A new variant is out there, and about to make everything bad again unless people go with the protocols. Get vaxxed!


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