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Friday box office: “The Batman” was number 1 again with $10 million. Expected.

Unexpected: audiences were drawn to anime film, “Jujutsu” which collected another $5 million in addition Thursday previews. Total is now $8.625 million. Sony’s Crunchyroll has the number 2 film this weekend.


“Jujustu” has swamped all the other big label new releases this weekend starting with A 24’s “X” horror film which had a $1.7 million opening.

Focus Features brought in “The Outfit” and Sony’s regular label offered “Umma,” a Korean film. Their respective numbers were $530,000 and $340,000.

“Jujutsu,” already an international hit with $107 million worldwide, has captured the interest of US audiences.

Meanwhile, “The Batman” will flirt with $300 million this weekend.

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