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NBC may not have hit comedies but they have outplayed ABC with Dick Wolf shows.

Last night, “Law & Order SVU” crunched “Grey’s Anatomy” handily. “SVU” brought in 4.53 million, widening the gap over “Grey’s Anatomy.” The Shondaland veteran had 1 million fewer eyes.

The difference between “SVU” and “Grey’s” is easy to see: the former stays fresh while the latter has collapsed under the weight of fan favorites being dismissed to make room for Ellen Pompeo’s salary and ego.

“SVU” is now the linchpin in a Thursday night that beats ABC right through the night. The revived “L&O” at 8pm takes “Station 19” and it’s brand new. At 10pm, “Organized Crime” is improving. But it doesn’t take much to beat “Blue Big Sky,” a show no one watches while awake. (I couldn’t even remember its actual name.)

CBS had no new shows last night because of March Madness. But the real madness must be at Shondaland where they’re probably wracking their brains trying to figure out if Patrick Dempsey can come back as his twin brother.

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