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Rolling Stone: they’re still doing very good investigative journalism. But their music side is suffering.

Today they released their list of Top 100 Songs by BTS. LOL.

You may be asking yourself first, what is BTS? And second, they have 100 songs?

BTS is the Korean boy band that has a massive following in Korea and other parts of the world. In the US the reaction is more muted. But recently they’ve had a couple of English language hits called “Butter” and “Dynamite.” Their songs are interchangeable, as are their members.

But Rolling Stone, like all of us, is phishing for traffic. The website publishes a lot of Best 100 whatever lists to rile up readers– Best Songs, Best Singers, Best Albums. They figure even if people hate- read these things, they’re reading.

No one expects Rolling Stone to be the music bible it was in the 70s. But still, BTS? (I say it stands for Buy This Soon.)

They chose a five year old BTS song called “Spring Day” as their number 1 of the all the BTS “classics.” God bless. I’ve never heard of it and neither have you. I’m sure BTS followers will be debating these choices all weekend. And I’m sure the next Best 100 songs of the 2000s will feature a lot of these unmemorable pop gems.

PS I hope the traffic is good for RollingStone.com. That’s the whole point!

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