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In movies, The Old Rock is a big star.

Dwayne Johnson is a box office draw, that’s for sure, in movies like “Jungle Cruise” or a Fast and Furious.

But on TV, “Young Rock” can’t find an audience.

On Monday night, “Young Rock” returned for its second season and floundered like a fish out of water. Total viewers were just 2.5 million. That was down over 16.7% from the show’s last outing, which was a one off in December. They key demo was down just as much.

“Young Rock” was not a hit in its first season, but it’s produced and distributed by NBC and Universal Television. They own it, and by god, they’re going to make it a hit or die trying!

But 2.5 million is a very weak number for a sitcom about one of movie’s biggest stars. It’s about half the audience of CBS’s new “Ghosts” and a third of “Young Sheldon.” A full spring season of these numbers aren’t going to work. My guess, “Young Rock” will start looking pretty old to advertisers soon.

Johnson’s next movie is “Black Adam,” which features actor Uli Latukefu, who plays Young Rock in the series. “Black Adam” is now set for release on October 21st. By that time, “Young Rock” may be all rocked out.

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