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Wednesday night’s comedy block on ABC was the usual ratings disaster. All the shows performed miserably, and ABC finished in fourth place behind Fox.

Behind Fox!

The big question everyone is waiting to hear about is which of the low rated families will get the axe: The Conners or the Goldbergs?

My guess is, The Goldbergs. They fell well under  3 million viewers this week to 2.79 mil. Jeff Garlin is gone and all the pretending in the world hasn’t worked to make Murray Goldberg’s absence make sense.The show is not funny and not well acted or written. After 9 seasons, “The Goldbergs” are ready to say so long.

“The Conners” has one more season left to it. They finished last with 2.9 million, down 10.5% from the prior outing. At least they have stars like Laurie Metcalf and John Goodman. They also have a chance to wrap up the Conners’ saga once and for all with a fifth final season. The writers can give everyone a happy ending.

This seems like the way to go, but knowing network executives, they’ll do something else entirely. ABC also has to deal with their two other comedy half hours on Wednesday, the Black “Wonder Years” and Home Economics. Each one scores less than 2 million viewers although I am partial to “The Wonder Years.” I hope it continues.

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