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“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is not nominated for Best Song at the Oscars. Another song from “Encanto” – Dos Oruguitas” — is.

But this year’s Academy Awards will feature a live performance of “Bruno” because it’s a massive hit on the radio and in sales. Maybe “Dos Oruguitas” will be tacked onto it. I have a feeling a lot of people will vote for “Dos” thinking it is “Bruno.” It is not.

This year’s Oscars will also feature anniversary tributes to “The Godfather” and to the James Bond series. That’s 50 and 60, to be exact. That’s a good idea, although what the audience wants to see is a reunion of Spider-Men. I hope producer Will Packer will give them what they want.

If they’re putting on songs that weren’t included in the nominations, The Oscars should also take a page from the BAFTAs and have Emilia Jones sing Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” from “CODA.” And what about “West Side Story”? They had no new song, but “Tonight” would make a good show opener. And so on.

Already FilmTwitter is complaining that this time for all these specials should go to the 8 categories that will be presented in the pre-show. But this is a TV SHOW, not a trade convention. The show has to be entertaining. Please keep that in mind. Later when everyone says “The Oscars are so boring.” remember you can’t have it both ways!

PS Orugutias are caterpillars.

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