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Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum are smart stars.

The pair wisely skipped the so-called premiere Monday night of a new movie they’re in called “The Lost City.”

The “Raiders of the Lost Ark” rip off stars Sandra Bullock, Tatum and Pitt in a a guest star role.

Of the three big stars, only Bullock showed up at the mini premiere in the basement of the Whitby Hotel. The only other big name was Daniel Radcliffe, of “Harry Potter” fame.

Tatum is riding  high right now with his movie, “Dog,” a box office hit. He didn’t need to get involved. For Pitt, “The Lost City” is not a main attraction. And he’s got plenty of other things to worry about.

“The Lost City” ads feature Bullock trying to pull leeches off Tatum’s back. It’s pretty much the only scene that’s being featured in the film. So it seems appropriate that this screening, from the looks of the pictures, was full of real life leeches– models, has beens, and so forth. I remember when these tastemaker screenings would feature really cool actors, broadcasters, newsmakers, writers, whom you would rarely otherwise see in screening rooms. Not anymore. Now it’s globs of hangers-ons, the same all the time.

“The Lost City” opens sometime soon, it’s unclear from Google.


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