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I missed “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend and it seems like a lot of others did, too.

“SNL” scored just 4.359 million viewers, down from over 4.4 million last weekend.

The lower numbers are a surprise considering that the host, Zoe Kravitz, is the co-star of the number 1 smash movie, “The Batman.” It’s not like they hid the fact, either. There were many references to her Catwoman character.

Musical guest Rosalia brought no fans, either. While she certainly has a following, Rosalia is just not the “SNL” audience. As it is, “SNL” rarely sells much music for its performers. Rosalia was no exception.

So now what? Also, why is Lorne Michaels allowing Pete Davidson to be gone so long? Davidson’s upcoming flight to “space” with Elon Musk isn’t going to drum up higher ratings.

In other ratings news, “60 Minutes” scored 8 million viewers Sunday night and won the evening. It beat “American Idol” and everything else. What’s more, the venerable news magazine didn’t get their big numbers from a lead in. The basketball special that preceded it was considerably lower. Don Hewitt is smiling in heaven.


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