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NBC is kinda in a lot of trouble.

Last night the network scored its lowest non football Sunday ratings ever. The total was just over 1 million viewers.

The opening show, “The Courtship.” at 8pm, had just 587,000 viewers. The next two shows had 1.45 million and 1..11 million apiece.

Those are lower numbers than “Days of our Lives,” which runs at noon everyday.

For NBC, one of the three major networks, to post numbers that low, it’s as if they just gave up. They could have run any of their Peacock shows instead and done at least twice that amount.

To commemorate this disaster, the network is also giving up on hospital drama, “New Amsterdam.” Now in its fourth season, the network will allow it to wrap up a 13 episode 5th season and then say goodbye. Canceled.

Soon NBC will bring back low rated comedies, “Kenan,” and “Young Rock.” They will also lose their only hit, “This Is Us,” which is coming to a weepy end. NBC will stand for No Body Cares. Yikes.

Too bad they didn’t keep “The Gilded Age” instead of letting it move to HBO. It does seem that soon all NBC will have will be shows they own but no one watches (“The Blacklist”) and game shows and throwaways.


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