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Someone is intent on slagging Norah O’Donnell and the CBS Evening News to the New York Post.

The Post is obsessed with the idea of somehow destroying O’Donnell until CBS fires her and replaces her with, who knows? LL Cool J maybe!

Well, ratings for “CBS Evening News” are only off a bit from last year at this very time.  The difference is about 400,000 viewers.

More surprisingly, ABC’s popular “Evening News” with David Muir is down by more, even with the Ukraine War. Last year at this time, Muir averaged 9.223 million peeps. Last week, Muir’s numbers were 8.735 million. That’s significant.

Of the three major networks, only NBC stayed on keel. Lester Holt had an average of 7.319 million last week. Last year, it 7.44 million. I’m not surprised. The NBC News is my go to, with CBS and then ABC my choices when news is breaking these days.

The Post’s obsession with O’Donnell is curious, and sexist. O’Donnell does a great job, and CBS News is always the best written report around. I don’t know who’s planting those stories, but they should cut it out already. And PS I do not know any of these people personally. I’m just going by the numbers and watching their shows.



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