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I told you this week that “Law & Order Organized Crime” is having serious problems.

Last night the Chris Meloni procedural lost 30% of its lead in from “SVU” when it came on at 10pm. “SVU” had 4.3 million viewers. “OC” had just 3 million.

“SVU” beat its main competition, “Grey’s Anatomy,” handily, too. “Grey’s” is way under 4 million at this point. So many cast members have left, to be replaced by cheaper newcomers, that “Grey’s” has shaken off its audience bit by bit.

The returned classic “Law & Order” notched just over 4 million viewers and tied or did a bit better than CBS’s “Bull,” which is closing up shop soon.

But the “SVU”- “OC” problem persists. The latter show is going to be overhauled for the fall. First, however, they have to get through the end of this season. NBC PR sent Meloni onto “The View” this week all cleaned up and looking like the Elliot Stabler of old. That was good for him, but the show is unwatchable.

To that end, as I told you a few days ago, “OC” will feature Dann Florek, superstar of the “SVU” alumna, in a special May episode. They’re trying to reconnect Stabler to his former world.

Here’s a little exclusive: according to insiders, we will never ever see a standalone “OC” at 10pm without a new “SVU” preceding it. “OC” cannot survive on its own. So the two shows have to be in lockstep production-wise.

More to come…

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