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Gizmodo websites including Jezebel, Deadspin, and other sites owned by G/O Media went on strike last week to unionize. And it worked. They’ve won. Congrats..

Here’s the press release:

GMG Union Reaches Fair Contract After First Open-Ended Strike in Digital Media History
The GMG Union Bargaining Committee is very excited to announce we reached a deal with G/O
Media, pending WGAE Council approval and a ratification vote by members. After four days of
picketing in the first open-ended strike in digital media, management has acknowledged the
strength and demands of our members.
To this end, G/O Media agreed to raise salary minimums, severance, and parental leave;
maintain our healthcare while requiring it to be trans-inclusive; and ensure annual increases for
our Unit members.
We want to thank all of our supporters and those who gave to our GoFundMe. Your donations
have ensured that none of our staffers and regular contractors had to lose a paycheck to fight for
a fair contract. We have been made stronger by all of you

What we won:

  • Higher salary minimums for all positions, including $62,000 at the lowest tier in 2022 (up from $55,000), with an additional $1,000 each year for the life of the contract

  • Guaranteed 3% annual raises for all unit members

  • 15 weeks parental leave

  • 12 weeks minimum severance

  • Maintained our current cost-sharing cap for healthcare

  • WPATH-compliant, trans-inclusive healthcare

  • Defeated management’s proposal to give up bargaining rights over changes to healthcare mid-contract

  • 45K diversity effort budget with audit and transparency

  • Goal of 40% of candidates at the hiring manager interview stage from underrepresented backgrounds

  • Retained right to publicly speak about working conditions, including social media escalation campaigns

  • Strengthened editorial independence language; management must now adhere to both G/O Media’s editorial policy and the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics

  • Obtained guarantees against forced relocation for current remote staff


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