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Adele’s “30” album is starting to fade after four months.

The album has sold roughly 2.3 million copies including streaming. Physical and digital sales have come to just 1.6 million.

“30” was released November 15, 2o21. It had a strong first couple of weeks but weakened as other tracks on the album failed to pick up steam. Absent from the project was Adele’s regular producer, Paul Epworth.

The single “Easy On Me” was the only one that topped the charts. After that, “Oh My God” did not crack the top 20 anywhere.

Times change and so do tastes. Adele’s previous album, “25,” released November 2015 has sold over 10 million copies. Much of that was in 2015-2016.

The problems with “30” were only exacerbated by Adele suddenly cancelling her thirteen weekends in a row of shows in Las Vegas. Her fans have been left high and dry without refunds in most cases, and out all the money they put up for flights and hotels. The dates have still not been rescheduled.

Today, “30” is number 16 on iTunes and number 12 on Amazon. “Easy On Me” has fallen to number 19 on iTunes.

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