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(EXCLUSIVE) It sounds like Judi Dench is making the trip to the Oscars. Now, you’re going to watch!

Dame Judi, nominated for Best Supporting Actress in “Belfast,” is featured in a TikTok video posted by her grandson Sam Williams. He’s reading lyrics to her from new pop songs and asks her to figure out the next line. It’s very cute, and Judi is just as charming as ever.

When they get to a line from a song “come out to LA, come out to LA.” Dame Judi responds: “Well be coming out to LA very soon, and then we’re coming right back.”

Talk about dropping the lede!

This a coup for the Oscars, which are having problems right now. Dench won the Best Supporting Actress statue in 1999 for “Shakespeare in Love.” She’s had many nominations since then but never makes the trip across the pond. They’d better give her the keys to Hollywood!

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