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If you read the websites Jezebel, The Root, Lifehacker, Kotaku, Jalopnik or Gizmodo the workers there are asking you not to click on them. Or even think about them.

One hundred of the unionized employees at G/O Media have gone on strike as of midnight last night.

In a statement, the GMG Union said, “In 2015, this union broke new ground when it organized the first digital media union. Now, GMG Union will break ground yet again: We are the first digital media shop to go on an open-ended strike for a fair contract.”

You can read all about the Union’s demands here. They’re part of the Writers Guild East, and nothing they’re asking for is unreasonable.

G/O Media is owned by Great Hill Partners, an odious private equity firm from Boston. (Watch “Billions.” you’ll understand everything.) They used to be Gawker Media. with Gawker, Univision bought them, and tried to destroy the whole shebang. (Remember that Isaac Lee? I’m still waiting for a return phone call from him from two years ago at least.) Since becoming G/O they sold off the Gawker site. Then employees started coming and going like crazy. One guy who went to work there last week quit on the same day. Sounds like a fun place!


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