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Riddle me this: What does The Batman fear more than the Penguin or the Riddler? Why, the press.

Tuesday night’s premiere of “The Batman” at Lincoln Center was followed by a swanky party at Tavern on the Green. Warner Bros. took over the whole place, but no press was invited. Star Robert Pattinson, who previously battled vampires in the “Twilight” series, isn’t ready to field random handshakes from people who might ask him questions about his cowl. (Or did I saw scowl? This guy never smiles in pictures.)

“The Batman” premiere was marred by the absence of director Matt Reeves. He had to Zoom in from parts unknown because he has COVID. But the rest of the cast was present including Zoe Kravitz — who will host “Saturday Night Live” next week — and her stepfather, “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa. (He’s married to or estranged from her mother, Lisa Bonet, depending on which tabloid you read.)

There were scant few other celebrities, according to my spies, except for Ben Stiller, and Kravitz’s boyfriend, actor Channing Tatum. Also spotted was Julia Fox, whose 15 minutes of fame as Kanye West’s girlfriend last week are coming to an end.

“The Batman” starts previews Thursday night and should, from its mostly positive reviews, be a big hit.

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