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Hunh. I’m very surprised.

“SNL” with John Mulaney scored 4.785 million viewers, which isn’t bad but not great. Nothing ro write home about

Indeed, Mulaney’s return, which was excellent, scored 1 million fewer viewers than the same night a year ago when Nick Jonas hosted the show. Jonas debuted two new songs that turned out to be total duds, as well as the album they came from. So who knows?

Mulaney’s show was also packed with guest stars including Steve Martin, Candice Bergen, Paul Rudd, Tina Fey and so on. But maybe LCD Soundsystem, which I heard as discordant noise, wasn’t much of a draw. Or maybe it’s just that total viewership has gone down over the last year.

It’s not like Mulaney isn’t popular. Tickets for his shows are selling very well. A head scratcher for sure. I thought this episode was going to be up around 6 million.

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