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HBO has abruptly cancelled the Larry David documentary that was supposed to play tonight and tomorrow in two parts.

They’ve even pulled the trailer from YouTube. It’s gone.

Larry Charles directed the doc. But if Larry David pulled it, he obviously wasn’t satisfied with the outcome.

On the poster, the tag line was “He remembers everything.”

This is pretty pretty pretty bad. Whoops!  And there is no explanation other than Larry “wants to do it on stage” whatever that means. Maybe at the last minute Larry decided to go out and do a one man show on stage. But why kill the film?

The doc was described: ​For over three decades, award-winning producer/writer/comedian Larry David has been one of TV’s defining talents. Now, this insightful two-part documentary finds the 74-year-old sitting down with friend/director Larry Charles for a peek behind the proverbial curtain, as David gets candid about his personal and professional highs and lows, from his humble beginnings as an unfunny Brooklyn kid to becoming America’s favorite misanthrope. In between reflecting on his bumpy road to success – and hit series “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” – David shares his thoughts on everything from metaphysics to parenthood. Genuine, hilarious, and eye-opening, THE LARRY DAVID STORY shines a new light on the infamous cynic who remains a singular voice in comedy today.

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