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How many bad movies has Madonna, the performer, directed? Two: the dreadful “W.E.” and the forgettable “Filth and Wisdom.” (Domestic gross for the former $582,075, for the latter $22,406)

How many more will sihe destroy? At least one: her life story.

According to Jeff Sneider writing in Ankler, Madonna is going to direct the movie of her life co-written with Diablo Cody. It’s a recipe for disaster. Madonna, who has been proven not to be much of an actor or a director, is determined to make another stinker.

Actresses who’ve been approached to play Madonna to play her are obviously not impressed. Sneider says Emmy winner Julia Garner, of “Ozark,” and “Inventing Anna,” was approached but seems to have passed. So has Florence Pugh, a past Oscar nominee. That leaves two low level actresses from “Euphoria,” who are at best supporting players.

It’s hard to believe anyone will finance Madonna directing a movie about herself which she’s written. It’s like when they say ‘only a fool has himself for a lawyer.’ The Madonna movie will undoubtedly be a big, bloated vanity project with no objectivity whatsoever in which the singer portrays herself as a martyr, a saint, and an angel. God bless. It’s unclear why Universal Pictures is letting her do this: she’s not big enough anymore to bow to her wishes.

As for actresses, it might help if the woman they chose could sing or dance– not that Madonna is Whitney Houston. But she sings for a living, and has made a pretty good one at that.

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