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Box office:

Tom Holland racked up almost $29 million more in sales this weekend between “Uncharted” ($23.25 mil) and “Spider Man” ($5.75 million). Wherever he is, he must be happy, eating bon bons and racing Bugatti’s around his driveway.

“Cyrano,” as predicted, died a million deaths with just $1.4 million for three days– and I’ll bet that gets revised lower on Monday.

Channing Tatum was the other big winner of the weekend. Low budget, family friendly “Dog” has barked up all the right trees. Taking in $30 Million in two weeks, costing little, “Dog” is a nice set up for Tatum’s coming Sandra Bullock romantic adventure “The Lost City.” Should be a hit if handled correctly. Paramount needs it.

Jennifer Lopez’s “Marry Me” finally crossed the $20 million mark after three weeks. I hope no one bought a wedding gift.

And “Big Gold Brick’? No one knows what’s happened to this one. I also didn’t realize that on top of being a dud, it’s 132 minutes! Oy vey! We’ll see it on a plane.


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