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A mysterious Wordle message on Twitter from Paul McCartney indeed has a lot of meaning.

From the looks of the message, fans are speculating McCartney will be headlining the Glastonbury Music Festival in the Uk on June 25th. That’s one week after he turns 80. Paul already has 13 stadium dates planned for the US just prior to Glastonbury, this one may kick off his UK tour.

The Wordle message indicates 121 — as in 121 days til the fest. And the numbers — 25/6 — are the British way of writing the date.

The five letters from Wordle could spell out GLASTO. They could also spell out RINGO. Or Nancy, Paul’s wife. Or APPLE, his famous label. Or BEATLE.

The only other announced stars for Glastonbury so far are Billie Eilish, and Diana Ross in the Legends Spot. If Diana’s in the Legends spot, where would that leave Paul?

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