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Oscar Isaac has either made critically acclaimed films and/or financial hits. He rarely makes a mistake in his choices. Those would include Madonna’s “W.E.” and Dan Fogelman’s “Life Itself.”

Isaac’s had two highly regarded hits in just the last year: “Dune” and “The Card Counter.” He’s also had a hit on HBO with “Scenes from a Marriage.” He has a hotly anticipated Marvel mini series coming called “Moon Knight.”

Today a film dropped that almost no one has heard of featuring Isaac. It’s called “Big Gold Brick,” directed by Brian Petsos. Ouch! There are only 21 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and they are mostly pans. The rating average is 24%.

Glenn Kenny wrote: “Unlike many other film enthusiasts turned filmmakers, Petsos hasnt figured out anything useful to do with his influences.”

Variety said: “Despite piling on character details and plot developments, “Big Gold Brick” is beset by torpor, in large part because every new incident is untethered to the ones that preceded and follow it.”

New York Times: “The title of this perfectly well-appointed production is apt: “Big Gold Brick” looks all right but it truly just sits there.”

One day maybe we’ll find out how Isaac, whose credits include “A Most Violent Year,” “Inside Llewyn Davis,” and three “Star Wars” movies, found himself in a movie with Megan Fox and Lucy Lawless.



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