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Producer Ryan Murphy was certainly on a roll with shows like “Glee,” and “Feud” and “American Horror Story.”

But his Monica Lewinsky mini series was kind of a dud. It just seemed to go on and on to no point.

Now Murphy returns to Netflix with a promising Andy Warhol documentary. Andrew Rossi directed the six part series that begins March 9th. I will be watching keenly.

The doc, “Andy Warhol Diaries,” courts controversy. Rossi has used artificial intelligence to re-create Warhol’s voice so that the artist — dead since 1987 — offers dialogue he never said.

Pat Hackett published the Diaries after Andy died. There was no audio book. So the filmmakers have made their own.

What the heck? This is verboten in the documentary world. And I don’t know why it was considered necessary. Very weird and alarming.

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