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Here’s a plot twist no one saw coming.

This year the Oscars abruptly announced a Twitter vote for #Oscarfanfavorite. This was meant to be a public fan vote that would bring the general audience in to the Academy Awards. It was widely assumed that “Spider Man: No Way Home” would win, and that would bring ratings to the March 27th show.

But “Spider Man” fans, who’ve spent $760 million at the box office, either don’t know about the fan vote or don’t care. The result is that another movie is taking the lead.

“Cinderella,” an Amazon Prime release that never went to theaters, is at the head of the pack. Deadline.com reports that “Cinderella,” which stars singer Camilla Cabelo, is getting the most votes on Twitter. Not only wasn’t “Cinderella” in theaters, it also got terrible reviews. Rotten Tomatoes has it at 43%.

So this is a mess. What makes it worse is that Sony is the original studio for both movies.  Their $700 million film may lose to one they didn’t even release!

Hey “Spider Man” lovers, get to Twitter and Tweet hashtag #Oscarfanfavorite immediately.

My choice would have been “Tick Tick Boom” or “Being the Ricardos,” neither of which was nominated for Best Picture. I also really liked “Free Guy,” but that’s not happening. Also, “Respect” for Jennifer Hudson’s performance.

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