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Tom Hanks? Tom Cruise?

There’s a new Tom in town, and his name is Tom Holland. He’s the king of the box office this morning.

“Uncharted” has a $15.4 million opening including the $3.7 million from previews. “Spider Man” earned another $1.7 million last night as well.

He is only 25, but Holland has the number 1 and number 4 movies. If the Academy doesn’t get him to appear on the Oscars in some form, I don’t know what will happen.

Not to mention: Holland’s girlfriend, Zendaya, is turning in an Emmy worthy performance on the most talked about TV series, “Euphoria,” on HBO. She’s also his co-star in “Spider Man.”

These kids are the Mickey and Judy of this generation! The sky is the limit.

In other box office news, “Marry Me” did a million bucks last night, off 64% from last Friday, but about what it did on Monday, Valentine’s Day.

Channing Tatum’s “Dog” opened with $5 million and will be barking up the wrong tree over the weekend. But this just Channing’s tentative comeback. His next one, “Lost City of Z,” with Sandra Bullock, looks like an old fashioned hit from the trailer and commercials.

PS All of this must be peculiar for Tom Hollander, another British actor who is quite terrific in all his films. He has a boatload of awards and nominations.


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