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Alec Baldwin obviously doesn’t understand the meaning of optics or “not now” or “read the room.”

The Bennington, Vermont Banner newspaper reports that Alec and his attention seeking wife Hilaria (nee Hillary) have purchased a 55 acre spread for a reported $1.75 million. The property, says the Banner, has been described as a “classic Vermont 18th century farm [that] features 55 beautiful acres, a 3,600 [square foot] main house, and a nicely renovated 1800 [square-foot] guest cottage with 2 baths.”

You may recall that after Baldwin allegedly killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the low budget movie, “Rust,” Hilaria loaded her six kids into the SUV and drove “aimlessly” until she came upon Manchester, Vermont. Baldwin joined her there, where they camped out and confronted reporters.

The whole Vermont adventure was depicted as a fluke, when in fact, Hilary Thomas’s family had owned land up there for years. So it was not a random trip, that was lie, just like the whole mishegos about Hilaria coming from a Spanish background. She’s white shoe WASP from New England.

Alec Baldwin seems not to care how his actions are interpreted. After the shooting, he and Hilaria kept posting happy family photos to social media, and they’ve been doing it ever since. Is it any wonder that Halyna Hutchins’ widower, Matt Hutchins, filed a civil lawsuit against Baldwin this week? After Alec told George Stephanopolous in a very ill-thought out interview that he and Hutchins were pals and so on? Matt Hutchins can only be furious and inflamed as he comforts his 9 year old orphaned son that the man who allegedly killed his mother is enjoying himself three months later.

Let’s hope the Baldwins enjoy their new house, and don’t have to give it up in civil settlement over Halyna Huchins’ death.

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